Tesla tyres bump up SMR costs

A study carried out by cap hpi has revealed that out of the top 20 manufacturers Tesla has the lowest costs for servicing and brakes, but falls to 16th in overall service and maintenance (SMR) costs due to inflated prices around tyres.

Over three years and 60,000 miles, Tesla service costs are £338 on average, which is £143 less than second-ranked manufacturer Skoda, £195 less than Renault and £217 less than Honda. Hyundai is the most expensive when it comes to servicing at £1,122 on average.

Tesla is also ranked first when it comes to brakes at an average of £113, compared to Land Rover, which is last with average brakes costs of £916.

However, Tesla’s total costs are bumped up by an average of £2,377 for tyres, which is nearly three times the price of the lowest ranking manufacturer, Peugeot (£801). EVs are typically more wearing on tyres due to their weight and often have larger or less common tyres fitted.

In terms of total service and maintenance costs, Renault is on average the cheapest of the top 20 brands at £1,883, followed by Honda (£1,902), Seat (£1,933), MG Motor UK (£1,999) and Peugeot (£2,039).

Andrew Turner, senior product specialist at cap hpi consulting, said: “Although Tesla ranks first for straight service costs, once you factor in all the other elements such as tyres, this brings up the overall SMR costs significantly, making it one of the more expensive vehicles just ahead of Audi, Mercedes-Benz, Land Rover and BMW. It’s basically tops for servicing and brakes but very heavy on tyre costs.”