SYNETIQ signs innovative EV battery deal

Vehicle salvage, dismantling, and recycling company SYNETIQ has agreed a new collaboration to develop sustainable solutions for EV batteries at the end of their life.

The IAA company is working with Allye Energy, a smart battery technology platform specialising in distributed energy storage at the grid edge. This collaborative will focus on the repurposing of EV battery packs for MAX Battery Energy Storage System (BESS).

The objective is to use Allye’s proprietary diagnostic technology to assess and repurpose as many usable battery packs as possible.

Tom Rumboll, UK managing director for IAA and CEO of SYNETIQ said: “We’re excited to work with Allye to repurpose entire EV battery packs and address a key challenge in our industry. Having a safe, climate-conscious, and affordable solution for EV batteries is crucial to maximising their environmental and economic benefits, in total alignment with SYNETIQ’s core principles. Working together to promote reuse will build strong and sustainable markets, benefiting consumers, the automotive sector, and the planet.”

Jack Levy, COO and co-founder of Allye, added: “We are delighted to work together with SYNETIQ, an organisation that shares our commitment to being an ally to the grid, society, and the planet, as we work together for a more sustainable future. Our unique approach to repurposing the whole EV battery pack is the most sustainable way to deliver energy storage at scale, making best use of the finite resources available and helping ensure every EV battery has another chance to deliver what it was designed to do. Our unique approach at Allye allows us to build battery systems that provide flexibility and circularity at their core, by integrating cells of mixed chemistries, assorted voltage ranges, varying capacity and mixed state-of-health.”