SYNETIQ celebrates global safety standard

SYNETIQ has underlined its commitment to safety within the workplace by announcing that its entire management team has attained the IOSH Managing Safely qualification.

Meanwhile, its board and directors have achieved IOSH Directing Safely.

The IOSH Managing Safely qualification is a globally recognised standard that reinforces the organisation’s safety-first culture and comes after the board, managers and team leaders all completed the rigorous IOSH Leading Safety for Executives and Directors course, which equips them with the knowledge and skills to address safety challenges effectively.

A key part of the qualification is the ability to establish consistent health and safety standards across all SYNETIQ’s locations.

Natalie Buckley, SYNETIQ’s people director, said: “We believe that a strong safety culture is not just a requirement; it is a fundamental value that guides our actions and decisions. This milestone is a reflection of our dedication to the wellbeing of our colleagues and the communities in which we operate.”