Service costs set to soar

With up to a quarter of drivers either delaying routine vehicle maintenance or not carrying it out at all due to rising costs, driving experts at Scrap Car Comparison has calculated the likely costs of common repairs in the future.

Based on the current rate of inflation, the study reveals what car repairs could be cost motorists in 10 and even 50 years’ time.

Topping the list as one of the most expensive car repairs is a clutch replacement, which in 2024 costs on average over £750 for the required kit and labour needed to refit this crucial car part.

However, in just a decade this could soar to over £1,100.

Meanwhile Scrap Car Comparison research has also found by 2034 a standard car MOT could cost £80 per test (up from £55), while a full service could result in a bill of almost £380.

When it comes to tyres, the average price of a replacement now is £283, but that could be set to rise to over £415 per tyre in just 10 years’ time. By 2074, it could even have escalated to £1,919 per tyre if inflation continues at the same rate.

Other significant car repairs which could reach costs of over £300 per job by 2034 include front and rear brake pad replacements (£309 to £316), and a front coil spring replacement (£330).