Premier ARC celebrates PAS 2060 certification

Premier Accident Repair Centre has secured PAS 2060 certification.

The internationally recognised standard, developed by BSI and the Carbon Trust, represents the highest benchmark in responsible carbon management.

The company’s journey to carbon neutrality involved a series of strategic steps aimed at reducing its carbon footprint, including adopting energy-efficient practices, minimising waste, and investing in sustainable technologies.

By achieving PAS 2060 status, Premier Accident Repair Centre has not only demonstrated its dedication to environmental stewardship but also reinforces its position as a forward-thinking leader in the automotive repair industry.

Phil Ashley, director, said: “Achieving carbon neutrality isn’t just a milestone for us; it’s a testament to our long-term commitment to reducing our environmental impact. We’re not just doing our bit for the planet; we’re setting an example for the industry. It’s about taking responsibility now, not waiting for others to lead the way. We hope this encourages other businesses, big and small, to take similar actions for our environment.”