NFDA responds to EV charging consultation

The National Franchised Dealers Association has responded to a government consultation around developing public EV charging infrastructure.

The government launched the consultation around the £1bn Rapid Charging Fund (RCF) in December, alongside the announcement of a £70m pilot scheme to increase the number of rapid charging points across motorway service stations.

Sue Robinson, chief executive of the, NFDA, said: “It is imperative that NFDA maintains pressure on this issue with the government, particularly as the RCF has mostly been unused since its announcement almost four years ago. This consultation also comes amidst the news that the Government had missed a deadline it set in 2020 to have at least six rapid or ultra-rapid chargers at every motorway service station in England by the end of 2023.

“In the consultation response NFDA has outlined how the RCF can be utilised to create a comprehensive network of electric charging points which will in turn accelerate consumer confidence during the transition to electric.

“In NFDA’s 2024 outlook survey, one of the most prevalent reasons given by dealerships as to why customers are not considering purchasing an EV included anxiety around lack of chargers which scored at 82%.”