New spotlight on headlight glare

The government has commissioned an independent study into headlight glare.

A recent RAC survey found that 89% of drivers said that some headlights on modern cars are too bright, with nearly a third (28%) believing that most are.

Meanwhile, 91% said they get dazzled by headlight glare while driving at night, while 74% said it happens regularly.

Now, following a public petition, the government has announced it will commission independent research into the issue.

Baroness Hayter said: “This is a victory for all those drivers affected by glare who’ve complained to their MP, signed the parliamentary petition, or indeed sought help from an optometrist – only to discover the problem was with headlights, and not their eyes. This is an issue the RAC has long campaigned on and I am delighted the government has recognised there is a real problem. We look forward to discussing its research in due course.”

RAC road safety spokesperson Rod Dennis said: “The fact the government has listened to drivers’ concerns and heeded our calls to examine the complex issue of headlight glare in more detail marks a real turning point. The topic has undoubtedly struck a chord with motorists up and down the country, with many people contacting us directly to call for something to be done.

“Brighter headlights, while giving drivers a better view of the road ahead, are clearly causing other road users significant problems. An independent study provides a golden opportunity for the government and industry to get to the bottom of the problem, identify the factors involved and map out a way forward.”