NBRA responds to Red Sea crisis

The National Body Repair Association has encouraged members to reassess their stock levels after supply chains have been disrupted by issues in the Red Sea.

Political disturbance in the region has forced shipping to bypass the Suez Canal, meaning journey times are much longer and more expensive.

The NBRA said: “The body repair industry in the UK relies heavily on a seamless supply chain for parts and components. Extended shipping journeys mean delayed deliveries and increased costs for importing essential materials. This has a direct impact on the operational efficiency of body repair shops across the country.

“Body repair shops may experience shortages, affecting their ability to meet customer demands promptly, while the rise in shipping costs directly contributes to operational expenses for the body repair industry. Body repair shops need to re-evaluate their inventory management strategies to cope with delays in parts delivery. Maintaining an adequate stock of essential components becomes crucial to mitigate the impact of extended shipping times.

“As the situation unfolds, it becomes imperative for stakeholders in the body repair industry to monitor developments closely and proactively implement measures to ensure the resilience of their operations.”