MULTI-MIX adds shine to Drift Pro Championship

MULTI-MIX is teaming up with the drivers of the 2024 Drift Pro Championship by helping to ensure each car looks its best for this year’s competition.

Every car on the grid of the 2024 Drift Pro Championship is painted using MULTI-MIX products. Competitor Dave Bastin, who runs the popular DB Paint bodyshop in Rye, East Sussex, has used MULTI-MIX products since they first came to market.

Bastin said: “From a young age I have always been interested in cars and I went on to owning my own bodyshop. When you add everything I am passionate about – vehicle customisation, crazy paint jobs and fast cars – I was bound to come across drifting.”

Bastin’s driving career has been marked by several notable achievements, including finishing third in the 2023 Drift Pro Championship season.

MULTI-MIX managing director Jordan Salt said: “As a bodyshop owner, Dave’s car is always one of the best-looking on the track, so we met up and he helped to arrange the sponsorship opportunity.”

A two-time Bodyshop Magazine 30 Under 30: Rising Stars winner, Salt founded MULTI-MIX in early 2020. The business has grown rapidly and now, just a few years on, Salt is able to help the popular Drift Pro Championship drivers with products and MULTI-MIX branding on the cars.