Motor Assist joins MGAA

Motor Assist, the motor claims and incident management service from AX for insurers and fleet operators, has joined the Managing General Agents Association.

The MGAA is a not-for-profit organisation founded in 2011 to represent managing general agents. Its goal is to communicate the benefits of MGAs and to maintain high standards within the industry.

As a member of the MGAA, Motor Assist has signed a code of ethics to which all MGAA members are bound, ensuring that full transparency and high standards are maintained.

Scott Hamilton-Cooper, chief commercial officer at AX said: “Becoming a member of the MGAA is an exciting opportunity to further support the sector and expand our network of solutions for MGAs and the wider automotive insurance industry. Like many MGAs, Motor Assist has a distinctive and adaptable approach and is growing rapidly. With our long-established expertise and ability to de-risk businesses, we feel our ethos is very much aligned to that of many MGAs and we look forward to working with the MGAA itself and collaborating with its members.”

Motor Assist’s modular solutions can cover the entire claims process from the initial call through triage and incident management, the deployment and management of repairs, provision of mobility solutions and settlement of claims.