Millennials most likely to be involved in collisions

A new survey has found that millennials are fuelling a five per cent increase in car crashes.

According to a survey based on CarMats based on official figures, men and women in their 30s are involved in more collisions than any other age category. It found men in their 30s were behind the wheel in over 6,000 collisions while women of the same age were involved in more than 5,120 collisions.

By contrast, the UK’s youngest and oldest female drivers were the most cautious motorists as they each were responsible for less than 2,000 collisions, as reported in the latest government data.

This news comes as the latest official statistics reveal a five per cent increase in vehicle collisions from 2021 to 2022, with figures up from 101,087 to 106,004.

Ash Young, founder of CarMats, said: “Results from our nationwide survey and the latest government records show men and women in their 30s were the main culprits of causing car accidents. It’s often hard to determine who is in the wrong in a collision involving two vehicles, but anyone who exhibits dangerous driving or feels tentative on the road should strengthen their driving skills with refresher driving lessons, or invest in safety measures like a black box or a dashcam to enhance confidence on the road.”