Low Emission Zones set for Scottish expansion

New Low Emission Zones will be introduced in Aberdeen, Dundee and Edinburgh in the coming weeks, meaning upwards of a million vehicles will be unable to drive through these cities.

Dundee will be the first Scottish city after Glasgow to introduce a Low Emission Zone on 30 May, with Aberdeen and Edinburgh following suit on 1 June.

Heather Anderson convener of the Dundee Council’s climate, environment and biodiversity department said: “This is a major change in the way people will access areas of the city within the Inner Ring Road, but we must remember that only the worst polluting vehicles will be excluded and there is still time for people to make changes before enforcement starts.”

A spokesperson for Aberdeen’s Let’s Clear the Air said:

“The overarching aim is to help make the city centre a cleaner, greener, healthier and more attractive place in which to live, work and play, while still being accessible to all and with clear health benefits for residents, visitors and future generations.”