Kevern Thompson joins WhoCanFixMyCar as CEO

WhoCanFixMyCar today announced the appointment of Kevern Thompson as its new chief executive officer. Thompson, who spent eight years working as commercial manager at The CAPS Consortium, will be taking over from interim CEO David Loy.

Thompson offers the company a blend of knowledge from across multiple sectors and 38 years of automotive experience. His background in vehicle manufacturing, insurance, software and crash repair, working with some of the largest global brands, positions him well to lead WhoCanFixMyCar in delivering greater strategic initiatives to enhance its brand, add value to customers and strengthen commercial partnerships.

Thompson said: “I’m thrilled to be joining the team at WhoCanFixMyCar at such an exciting time for the business. The company is looking to the future, with an experienced team across automotive and technology and a strong foothold at the centre of the automotive repair ecosystem.

“I see ample opportunities for WhoCanFixMyCar to strengthen this position further, creating a community through technology and being agile in how it provides effective solutions during significant sector transformation.”

Having worked with both global brands and start-ups, Thompson’s success record will be leveraged to ensure the business remains agile in providing technology and products to meet changes in vehicle ownership and reducing friction in the supply chain for customers.

The new appointment marks another change for WhoCanFixMyCar, following its acquisition by Niterra EMEA GmbH (formerly NGK) in June last year.

Loy, general manager of Global Aftermarket & Digital Business at Niterra EMEA, said: “WhoCanFixMyCar is at a turning point and with new leadership and new energy comes many new opportunities. We are looking to the future, not just in terms of business growth, but in how the automotive industry is evolving. Our focus is to cement WhoCanFixMyCar’s place in that future, and Kevern’s appointment as CEO marks an important step towards that goal.”

Thompson’s experience in software will be an asset to the online platform which recognises its need to be agile in the face of advancing technology. The car maintenance marketplace is making plans with this, and the future of car ownership, in mind, to ensure it meets the needs of its customers and differentiates itself in a competitive market.