GT Motive to raise prices by 8%

Estimating platform GT Motive will increase prices for the first time on 1 March.

It has announced prices will go up 8% for estimate creation (VQ included, VRN-VIN included), manual estimate creation, system access charges, and VIN query.

Since 2020, GT Motive has maintained the same “pay-per-use” pricing structure while absorbing additional price increases in order to better support its customers.

David Vella, executive director for the UK & Ireland, said: “While the price adjustment may present a small change to our end users and customers, it is a necessary decision for us to make in order for us to continue delivering the UK’s best estimating platform.

“At GT Motive, we’ve always believed in putting the needs of our customers first, that’s why we made the decision during the pandemic to suspend all estimating charges for a six-month period. Since then, we have continued to innovate, collaborate, and invest in our estimating platform so our end users have access to the latest models, parts pricing, and technology.”

Customers who belong to the First Central approved network will have their increase covered as the “Assessment Charge” will also increase in line to replicate the GT Motive estimate fee increase.