EV variations double in a year

The number of different electric vehicle models on the market has nearly doubled in a year, with about 50 options for sale in the UK.

Ian Plummer, commercial director at Auto Trader, revealed that there are now more than 100 EV models available around the world, with about half of that number available to the UK market, which represents a 25% increase in the last 12 months.

Speaking at the Motor Ombudsman and Radius Law Automotive Business & Law Conference, Plummer said: “This significant growth in availability and choice across various price segments is noteworthy The increase in brands and products introduces more consumer confusion, but it ultimately expands the market.”

However, he anticipates the growth of the market to accelerate further as Chinese manufacturers begin to have a growing influence on the European market.

Already about a third of all new EVs sold in UK were manufactured in China, with brands such as BYD – which plans to launch a second generation, 258-mile range MVP into the UK shortly – taking market share aware from traditional car makers.

Plummer said:

“Brands like BYD are leading the charge, competing fiercely against established giants like Volkswagen and Tesla. They started from almost zero awareness to 17% in a very short time.”