EV report calls for ‘urgent action’

A House of Lords Committee has published a new electric car report that calls for “urgent changes” if the UK is to meet its net zero emissions targets.

The Environment and Climate Change Committee’s EV strategy: rapid recharge needed report said that change was not happening fast enough even though the government has introduced the ZEV Mandate and a ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2035.

The report found the EVs make up about only three per cent of all cars currently on UK roads.

It said price remained a key barrier as they remain considerably more expensive that their petrol and diesel counterparts, while the availability of public charge points across the UK is also still highly variable.

This has created driver anxiety over EV charge reliability and affordability, which has been accentuated by a lack of clear communication and leadership from the government.

The report has called on the government to “seize the opportunity it has given itself” and publish a roadmap through 2035 where it makes a clear statement how to reach its targets.

Mike Hawes, SMMT chief executive, said: “The Lords report recognises the role government must play in accelerating the EV transition. Many of the recommendations have already been highlighted by industry, such as chargepoint rollout ahead of need, equalising VAT on public charging to home charging and the importance of purchase incentives, which could be delivered by a VAT cut. The report also notes the need for clear, consistent communication of the UK’s ambition. The industry will continue to work with government to ensure this is a transition for all – including ministers whose cars should also be electric by the end of the year.”