EV reliability higher than ICE equivalents

A leading UK breakdown service provider has debunked the myth that electric cars are more likely to break down than their ICE counterparts.

According to Start Rescue, EVs are 59% less likely to require a breakdown call-out than petrol or diesel vehicles, while flat batteries account for 24% of EV call-outs compared to nearly 30% of ICE cars.

Lee Puffett, managing director, said: “Our figures show electric cars ranging from new to 10-years old are 59% less prone to breakdowns than ICE cars. This might surprise some motorists, but with more than a million EVs now on the UK’s roads it shows drivers can choose an EV confident that they are less likely to be stranded at the roadside.

“The hurdle to buying an EV of any age is more psychological than real for most buyers looking to make the switch from ICE to electric power. EV batteries are not like the ones in your mobile phone or laptop – they retain far more of their charge capacity to give you plenty of driving range. However, you still need to look after the 12-volt battery to avoid one of the most common causes of call-outs.”