Euro NCAP approves AB Dynamics ADAS solution

Euro NCAP has approved an ADAS solution from AB Dynamics for use in official testing.

The LaunchPad Spin provides target and propulsion solutions for car, motorcycle and pedestrian test scenarios and its flexibility and manoeuvrability means it is able to duplicate increasingly complex, dynamic and realistic scenarios.

It offers complete freedom in positioning, rapid reset and replay of scenarios and enables coordination of all test objects, including the vehicle under test and targets, to an accuracy of 2cm.

Dr Andrew Pick, business director, track test systems at AB Dynamics, said: “We are delighted to announce our LaunchPad Spin has been approved by Euro NCAP for official testing. The Spin is the most manoeuvrable target platform on the market and its agility is essential in accurately replicating the motion of vulnerable road users (VRUs). As sensor systems and testing become increasingly sophisticated, the Spin’s mobility helps to future-proof it as the testing landscape will continue to rapidly evolve.”