Drivers ‘warm to Chinese EVs’

Drivers considering an EV for their next car purchase has risen sharply in a year, with most stating they would not be put off of by Chinese models.

Research undertaken by GWM ORA, a newly launched electric vehicle brand in the UK, revealed that 61% of respondents indicated that they are now more inclined to purchase an EV as their next car compared to one year ago.

Of those with concerns, 72% said that it would be difficult to locate a public charger, although only 19% of those surveyed said that they travelled more than 10,000 miles annually in their main car and 43% admitted that they only make a 200-mile trip ‘a few times a year’.

The research also found that over 60% of those surveyed indicated that both running costs and price were two of the most important factors when considering a new vehicle purchase.

When asked specifically about electric vehicles manufactured in China, 74% of respondents were open to the idea of owning one and 75% believed that electric vehicles produced in China did not offer a compromise on quality.