Cash-strapped drivers opt for DIY repairs

More and more drivers are carrying out car repairs themselves to save costs.

According to a new survey of more than 4,500 car owners from WhoCanFixMyCar, 36% of UK drivers are more likely to attempt making their own car repairs than book a professional.

Alarmingly, the survey also revealed that DIY repairs ended in failure 34% of the time, with a further 17.5% of repairers “uncertain” of how successful they had been.

David Loy, interim CEO at WhoCanFixMyCar, said: “Although it’s great that people have the confidence to work on their cars, our research shows that approximately one in three DIY repairs goes wrong. Ultimately, an incorrectly repaired car is an unsafe car. Some drivers may be unable to identify a bad repair until it’s too late, resulting in a costly breakdown or, worse, a road accident. It’s important that car owners understand the risks associated with DIY repairs and are working on their vehicles safely.”