Drivers hit with £1.48bn pothole bill

A new report has exposed the cost to motorists of the poor quality of UK roads.

According to Kwik Fit’s PIT Report, which tracks the impact of potholes, drivers had to pay £1.48bn last year to repair vehicles damaged by potholes. This is a 61% on the figure six years ago.

Going further back, the repair bill between 2018 and 2024 is £9.5bn. This matches almost exactly the £9.3bn that it was estimated in 2018 to bring roads up to scratch – although that figure has now inflated to £16.3bn.

Kwik Fit’s report puts the average repair bill at £120, although costs topped £300 for 660,000 drivers. Tyres were the most commonly damaged car parts (51%), followed by wheels (34%) and suspension (27%).

Roger Griggs, communications director at Kwik Fit, said: “The worsening condition of our roads is a long term issue.  We know that council budgets are ever more stretched, but poor road surfaces hit the UK in the pocket through the damage they do to the nation’s vehicles.

“Potholes are not just an issue because of the cost to drivers, they present a risk to people’s safety. Our research shows that in many cases, people are unaware of the damage their car has suffered. A tyre with a compromised inner sidewall or a wheel which has suffered cracking may not be obvious without a thorough check. Sometimes a pothole can result in a slow puncture, which only becomes critical a few days after the impact, often in the most inconvenient location. We advise drivers who experience any severe pothole impacts to keep monitoring for damage well after the event, and if they have any concerns, pop into a garage to have it checked over.”