Core Diagnostics announces Wabcowurth partnership at UKGBE

Core Diagnostics has announced a partnership with Wabcowurth during the UKGBE; the partnership between Core Diagnositcs and Wabcowurth will see Core expand its operation to support European and commercial vehicle diagnostics.

Core will be involved in assisting Wabcowurth with remote diagnostic solutions initially in the UK with a view to expanding support throughout Europe. Speaking at UKGBE 2024, Mark Fleming, managing director of Core Diagnostics, said:

“From our point of view, it gives us credibility in the market to know that we’re working with big multinational corporates and helping them support their remote operations on a day-to-day basis. We’re already leading the way in terms of service levels in the UK with our own customers and also on a white label basis. This is a collaboration that’s going to help both companies with their remote offerings.”

Core Diagnostics announces Wabcowurth partnership

Drew Florence of Wabcowurth offered his thoughts on the partnership:

“It takes us to the next level of diagnosis, so regarding the aspects of what we can’t do within the whole tool, the core remote tool takes us to that level. So it just means that you’re covering a really, really high percentage of what you want to cover in the marketplace.”

Wabcowurth and WOW! fall under the umbrella of the WOW! group with WOW! forming part of the Wurth group. Debuting on the Core Diagnostics stand at UKGBE were WOW! remote diagnostics products co-branded with Core Diagnostics, signifying the collaboration between the two companies.

Alisa Braun from Wabcowurth explained the WOW concept further:

“Wabcowurth and WOW! are two different companies, but we’re in the same group, the WOW! Group. So they’re connected together, but we’re still two separate companies that we’re going to group together.”