Cogent Hire joins NBRA

The National Body Repair Association (NBRA) has announced that Chorley-credit hire company Cogent Hire has become a supplier member in anticipation of an electric vehicle surge.

Martyn Rowley, executive director of the NBRA, said: “At NBRA, we are committed to fostering partnerships that bring genuine value to our members. Cogent Hire stood out to us not only for their innovative approach but also for their unwavering dedication to fair and transparent practices.

“As the automotive industry evolves, especially with the rise of electric vehicles, it is crucial to collaborate with members who share our vision for integrity and excellence. We believe that our alliance with Cogent Hire will not only benefit our members but also set a high standard for the industry.”

Kirsty McKno, managing director of Cogent Hire, said: “Repairers have faced challenges in non-fault cases, and Cogent Hire is determined to revolutionise this aspect of the industry. As NBRA’s new non-fault supplier member, we stand ready to support repairers in meeting evolving customer expectations, raising industry standards, and effectively navigating the transition to electric vehicles.”