Cash-strapped drivers avoiding repairs

A new report has found that 8.5 million UK drivers are avoiding necessary repairs due to costs.

According to Fixter, as many as 21 million drivers view regular car maintenance as a luxury rather than a necessity, with,52% of younger drivers admitting to neglecting repair and maintenance to cut expenses.

Meanwhile, nearly four in five of those surveyed said repair costs are inflated.

It found the five most common repairs not being carried out are broken windscreen wipers, brake fluid replacement, timing belt replacement, oil changes, and worn breaks and tyres.

Limvirak Chea, president and co-founder of Fixter said: “At Fixter, we aim to make car maintenance hassle-free and affordable for all drivers, but our research shows too many motorists are avoiding critical repairs due to cost. We want to help improve the experience of drivers in the UK and empower them to keep their vehicles properly maintained by offering fair and transparent pricing, keeping themselves and others safe on the road.”