Cary Group acquires J Huggins and Son

National Windscreens has announced that its largest member, Cary Group, has acquired its second largest member, J Huggins and Son.

The deal consolidates 95% of National Windscreens’ fitting and calibration centres.

Peter Watters, board member of National Windscreens and MD of Cary UK, said: “The heart of the National Windscreen brand is our highly experienced team and they continue to make huge strides in providing new levels of smarter solutions utilising the latest technology. I am delighted with our business transformation journey over the last year, which has seen the integration of new systems and processes that are generating operational efficiencies and improvements to the customer journey.

“With Cary Group being a market leader in the automotive glass repair and replacement sector across 10 European countries, we benefit greatly from shared best practice. This is already strengthening the competitive edge of National Windscreens in areas such as technical development, digitisation and sustainability. This acquisition provides our team with the platform to take a highly respected, well-run business and set new standards for the automotive aftermarket glazing sector.”