Cambridge tops list of UK vehicle repair hotspots

The UK’s vehicle repair hotspots have been revealed – and it is Cambridge drivers who are most likely to scuff, dent or scratch their vehicle. 

That’s according to the nationwide mobile repair business Revive! Auto Innovations, which analysed a sample of booking records of more than 20,000 jobs conducted last year in its 20 busiest regions to discover where its technicians performed the most repairs.

Revive!, which carries out mobile repairs from minor damage to bodywork, bumpers and alloy wheels across its 50-plus franchisee network, conducted 1,771 jobs in Cambridge, more than 200 more than the next busiest region, Guildford, which saw Revive! complete 1,543 jobs.

Mark Llewellyn, managing director at Revive!, said: “Using data collected across more than 50 franchises nationwide, from Cornwall to the Scottish Highlands, our booking data offers an interesting indication of the areas in the UK where motorists are most prone to sustaining damage to their vehicle.

“Road conditions, the number of vehicles on the road, driving behaviours and even car cleaning habits have all contributed to certain towns and cities being ranked as vehicle repair hotspots. However, in cases of purely cosmetic damage, it could be argued that residents of Cambridge are perhaps just those who are proudest of their cars,” he added.

Meanwhile, drivers in Lincoln, Portsmouth and High Wycombe also feature in the top five vehicle repair hotspots, as they respectively called for Revive! repair work on 1,246, 1,200 and 1,164 occasions in 2023. 

Nathan Holmes, owner of Revive! Cambridge, added: “Many of our repairs are conducted on a mobile basis, which we have found to be a particularly convenient option for rural or remote communities living outside of Cambridge.”