BSG delivers keynotes at Australian accident repair expo

Business Success Global (BSG) travelled to Melbourne, Australia last week to deliver four keynote sessions for the Australian Automotive Aftermarket Association (AAAA) at its 2024 Collision Repair Expo.

Opening the collision repair training programme for 2024 on Thursday (11 April), BSG presented an engaging and interactive session that delivered more than 50 takeaways to help visitors solve the number one problem for the sector in Australia – attracting, recruiting, developing and retaining people.

CEO Robert Snook said: “From the first minute the audience engaged with the fresh new ideas and perspectives we presented in the ‘Solving the people puzzle’ session. It was great to see so many pictures being taken, notes being made and questions coming in.”

Conversation continues

The conversation continued long after BSG had left the stage, with delegates waiting outside and others still messaging and wanting to discuss the content with Snook two-and-a-half hours after the session had ended.

Following an equally positive second “Solving the people puzzle” session on the Friday morning, which saw some businesses from Thursday attending again, Snook changed gears and delivered the first session on “Unblocking your cashflow waterfall” in the afternoon.

Again, the audience was very receptive, the takeaways were well received and there was a queue to continue discussions at the end of the session. Finally, BSG closed the collision repair expo training programme with the second session on “Unblocking your cashflow waterfall” on Saturday afternoon.

Positive feedback

Stuart Charity, CEO of the AAAA contacted BSG after the training programme closed to say: “I’ve had a number of people mention how good your sessions were, so you’ve certainly hit the mark … All the feedback I got from BSG’s sessions was overwhelmingly positive.”

Snook added: “We hope the success of this event is just the beginning of a long and beneficial partnership with the AAAA, its members and expo visitors. It was an honour and a pleasure for BSG to be invited to contribute to such an outstanding and successful event – the largest of its kind in the southern hemisphere.”

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