Brits to drive 2bn miles over spring bank holiday weekend

Research by Peugeot UK has revealed how far Brits are predicted to drive over the upcoming spring bank holiday weekend. With 32% of drivers, approximately 13.5 million people, making travel plans involving their car, and each driver set to cover an average of 149 miles, Brits are estimated to drive a combined two billion miles between May 24-27.

The brand’s findings indicate that younger people are more likely to be behind the wheel over the bank holiday weekend, with 51% of 18–24-year-olds making travel plans involving their car versus 20% of those aged 65 and over. Over half (54%) of Londoners say they will be driving, compared to just 17% of people in Scotland.

Spring bank holiday weekend

Seeing friends and family (52%), visiting an outdoor location such as the seaside (29%), and going on a staycation or weekend break (26%) are the top three reasons for people planning to use their car over the May bank holiday weekend. Compared to other regions, Londoners are most likely to be using their car to commute to and from work (31%) but are also equally likely to be driving to see friends and family (60%).

Peugeot’s  research also revealed the average maximum distance people would be willing to drive during a bank holiday weekend is 168 miles. The research also highlighted that people are willing to drive approximately two and a half hours on average before taking a break during a long journey. When taking a break, drivers reported resting for an average of 25 minutes.