Ben to introduce health checks

Automotive industry charity Ben is launching new health checks for those in the sector, offering free physical and mental assessments by qualified health professionals.

It is offering 20-minute physical checks or 30-minute appointments that cover both physical and mental health. Apart from checking heart-rate, blood pressure, body mass index, and stress levels, the service will also suggest positive steps that can be taken to improve overall health.

This comes after Ben’s Health & Wellbeing survey revealed that 99% of respondents said they had experienced an issue with their health or wellbeing over the past 12 months.

Ben will introduce the checks at the UK Garage and Bodyshop Event, which is taking place at the NEC on 5-6 May.

Rachel Clift, health and wellbeing director at Ben, said: “It’s never been more important for employers to prioritise employee health and wellbeing, especially at the moment when there are multiple work and life pressures on our automotive family. Employee absences can be linked to lifestyle-related illnesses, with factors such as alcohol, obesity and smoking known to be at the root of many health conditions.

“With one in three automotive people reporting to be struggling with their mental health or wellbeing, providing a health check is a proactive step, empowering people to take control of their health and wellbeing so they can lead healthier, more fulfilling lives. By booking Ben Health Checks for your employees, you’re not only investing in your people and your business, you’ll also be supporting your industry charity.”