Ben publishes wellbeing to-do list

Automotive charity Ben has tapped into the experience and expertise of its own life coaches to offer support to colleagues in the industry who may be suffering from stress.

The changing nature of the industry coupled with cost-of-living pressures mean automotive employees are under ever-increasing strain.

To help them manage these challenges, Ben has published a number of coping strategies that those within the charity use in their own lives.

Connecting with loved ones and friends is one key element of easing tension, as is spending time outdoors in nature and practising mindfulness. Ben’s life coaches also advise developing organisational skills to help manage time and prioritise the most important tasks.

Further, regular exercise is a proven way of reducing stress, and disconnecting from technology for regular periods.

To help anyone who has worked in the sector or is currently working in the sector, Ben offers dedicated life coaching support, free of charge, tailored to meet each individual needs.