Axalta announces key collaboration with Solera

Solera and Axalta have agreed a new partnership that will drive sustainability within the sector by providing emissions data for products and processes used in individual repairs.

As part of the collaboration, Solera will integrate Axalta’s Fast Cure Low Energy (FCLE) refinish paint systems into its own Sustainable Estimatics platform. This will enable the delivery of data on CO2 emission produced in separate repair jobs, while also comparing the environmental impact of repair over replace, different paint application processes and drying conditions.

Under the BELEAF umbrella, Axalta provides provides high performance eco-conscious products tools and resources to help bodyshops minimise their environmental footprint.


Troy Weaver, president of Global Refinish at Axalta, said: “We are excited to partner with Solera and introduce a new solution to the market. This technology aligns with Axalta’s ongoing commitment to sustainability as we set out to become carbon neutral by 2040 and was designed with our customers in mind to help them achieve their sustainability goals.

“By accurately calculating CO2 emissions per repair, our customers can make data-driven decisions to help lower their carbon footprint while also benefiting their bottom line.” 

Arnaud Agostini, international managing director at Solera, added: “Working with Axalta was a very natural course of action for us as part of our Sustainable Estimatics solution. The ability to measure carbon emissions is becoming more prevalent across the world, with an ever-increasing number of governments looking to advocate its measurement to understand the environmental impact of vehicle repair on the planet.

“The preparation, production and use of paint is an important part of every bodyshop process and a hugely important factor for insurers who will need to accurately measure and report the CO2 impact of every element of every repair.”