Average EV and ICE mileage converging

New data has revealed that average mileages are dropping for both petrol and diesel vehicles.

According to cap hpi, which analysed data from around 17.4 million cars from 2014 to February 2024, average annual mileage for all fuel types has fallen from 11,381 miles at the start of 2014 to 9,654 miles per year up to February 2024.

For petrol and diesel, the average annual mileage in 2023 was 9,035. Meanwhile, the average annual mileage for EVs had risen to 8,292 miles per year, just 743 miles per year less than petrol and diesel vehicles.

Dylan Setterfield, head of forecast strategy at cap hpi, said: “The data indicates that there is now a clear convergence emerging between EVs and ICE vehicles. EVs now have much longer ranges, and the charge point network is constantly improving, but we’re also seeing that EV drivers have much more faith in their vehicles and have become more adept at planning their journeys and managing longer trips.

“The pandemic and resulting lockdowns saw a clear dip followed by a steady increase once everything started to recover, although the overall average remains around 1,000 miles per year lower than at the end of 2019. The pandemic undoubtedly altered the way drivers use their cars forever.”