Auto Additive launches 3D printing business at IBIS summit

Auto Additive officially launched its pioneering new business – providing 3D printing solutions to the automotive repair industry – at the highly anticipated IBIS Global Summit in Greece. Themed “Transforming Tomorrow Together”, the event drew hundreds of top-level delegates from the global automotive collision repair industry.

Founded on the insights and recommendations of the 3D Printing in Collision Repair Task Force facilitated by IBIS Worldwide, Auto Additive and its founding partners – and 4Plastic – are set to revolutionise the supply of 3D printed tools, jigs, and repair parts such as headlight tabs. The industry-first, weldable and attachable repair tab kits will be available for sale exclusively through

Auto Additive is collaborating closely with key industry stakeholders in 3D printing, including HP and Forecast 3D. The business is also leveraging advanced blockchain-driven software to deliver cutting-edge solutions that meet the highest quality standards in the aftermarket and OEM sectors.

IBIS Worldwide CEO Jason Moseley said:

“We are excited to see the culmination of the 3D Printing in Collision Repair Task Force’s work come to life as Auto Additive launches 3D printing business. This collaboration exemplifies our theme, ‘Transforming Tomorrow Together’, by showcasing how industry stakeholders can join forces to drive meaningful change. This sets a precedent for IBIS and our industry to look at other areas and work together to address critical factors in the ever-changing collision repair industry.”

Auto Additive launches 3D printing business

The core mission of Auto Additive is to provide safe, OEM-compatible, and industry-ready products, using proven automotive-grade materials backed by rigorous internal testing. By addressing issues around poor-quality parts and unknown material factors, as highlighted by the 3D Printing in Collision Repair Task Force report, Auto Additive is paving the way forward in the industry.

Harold Sears (pictured), head of the Strategic Advisory Council at Auto Additive, said:

“Auto Additive uses industrial-grade 3D printers and materials to produce the highest-quality parts, the same 3D printing technology also used by industry-leading vehicle OEMs.

“Additionally, our advanced blockchain-driven software provides traceability and eliminates the misuse of our clients’ digital inventory, controlling where we print and how many. Each product has a unique alphanumeric identifier, searchable via our website, tracing to the batch date, location, and parts data, ensuring ultimate IP protection and product authenticity for Auto Additive’s clients,” he added.

Auto Additive is set to offer a range of services to meet growing industry needs in the collision repair sector, including building custom parts catalogues, 3D printing and managing existing digital parts, engineering custom tooling, and working on tailored projects.