ACIS plants 6,000-plus trees for Trustford repairs

ACIS continued its environmental commitments last year by planting more than 6,000 trees on behalf of TrustFord.

This is part of its ongoing agreement to plant a tree for each repair the dealer group completes within its repairers.

Stuart Mustoe, chief executive officer of TrustFord, said: “I’m delighted that well over one thousand more trees were planted in 2023 on behalf of TrustFord, demonstrating the strong corporate social responsibility programme that underpins our partnership with ACIS and its carbon offset programme. Our strategic goals remain aligned with developing a responsible environmentally conscious culture throughout our organisation that ensures we’re all good corporate citizens committed to helping protect our planet.”

John Matthews, CEO of ACIS, added: “At ACIS we are continuing to build our CSR programme so we can demonstrate a robust commitment as a supplier to support companies’ environmental and sustainability policies. As more and more corporates expect their suppliers to be able to comply with this strategic pillar, ACIS is well ahead of the curve in demonstrating its own environmental responsibilities.”