Zapmap unveils new EV solution for businesses

UK e-mobility service provider and charge point data platform Zapmap has launched a new API product suite to support organisations transition to electric vehicles (EV).

Through a single integration, Zapmap Spark provides companies with access to its unique dataset. This enables them to provide customers with data access to over 95% of UK public charging points, including location and live status.

Further, the Spark platform will help companies provide both EV route planning and cross-network digital payments via their own app.

Richard Bourne, CEO at Zapmap, said: “I’m delighted to announce the launch of Zapmap Spark. This brand new offering means that third-party digital platforms and apps can now provide market-leading EV services through a simple integration.

“Zapmap Spark is all about making it easier for organisations to offer their customers a robust set of tools for electric vehicle drivers – all from within their own digital estate.”

Harrison Brook, head of partnerships at Zapmap, said: “By combining Zapmap’s industry-leading platform with the extensive networks and commitment of other organisations across the UK, we’re not only enhancing the charging experience for drivers, but also fostering a stronger EV community. Launching Zapmap Spark is a clear example of our ambition to foster a seamless public charging experience for electric car drivers, whether it be in our app, or our partners’ digital products.”