Venson Automotive warns of international driving

Fleet management specialist Venson Automotive Solutions has highlighted the extra considerations required for drivers planning to take their company car across The Channel or the Irish Sea.  

Firstly, company car drivers should check cars are fully insured, fully prepared for European driving and that they have the necessary VE103B (Vehicle on Hire Certificate) from their employer or leasing company to prove permission to take the vehicle outside of the UK.  

The VE103B is an authenticated document and an acceptable substitute for the V5C. It is produced by the DVLA and contains details of the vehicle along with the name and address of the hirer or lessee.

In addition, if employees plan to tow a trailer or caravan, their licence will need to include category BE. Those driving electric vehicles should also take time to carefully plan their route to include charging stops, and ensure they have the necessary accounts to charge at these stations.

Simon Staton, director of client management for Venson Automotive Solutions, said: “Required paperwork for drivers varies by country, as do the rules of the road. Anyone planning to drive abroad, whether they will hire a vehicle or drive their own private car or a company car, must check the local requirements and laws, whether or not they have driven abroad in the past. Rules are regularly updated and vary even down to what emergency equipment you carry in the car and how much alcohol can be in your system when you drive. Breaking these laws could lead to fines or worse, so drivers must be fully informed and prepared.