Vehicle recalls added to MOTs

In a further improvement to DVSA MOT digital services, real time vehicle recalls information will be added to the MOT Testing Service (MTS), the vehicle’s MOT history, MOT reminders and the MOT certificate.

The service will provide testers and motorists daily recall data in real-time, with manufactures of nearly half the vehicles on the road agreeing to share data.

Meanwhile, vehicles built by manufactures that have not yet agreed to share data will be covered by existing monthly data from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT), although this information won’t appear on the MOT certificate.

The changes to MTS will mean that from August if a customer has an outstanding safety recall when they bring their vehicle to test, testers will be prompted via an ‘interrupt’ screen. This will give the tester an opportunity to encourage the customer to address the recall as soon as possible to make sure that their vehicle is safe to drive.

Chris Price, DVSA’s Head of MOT Policy, said: “I’m really pleased that we can announce this latest improvement to our MOT digital services. We want to improve safety recall rectification rates. Providing ‘live’ recall data, and making it more available to motorists will further help everyone to keep vehicles safe to drive on Britain’s roads.”