Vehicle break-ins spike over summer

New research has found that on average 1,112 cars in the UK were broken into every day last year – that equates to one break-in every 79 seconds.

The research provided by A-Plan Insurance analysed the latest ONS police-recorded vehicle crime figures across England and Wales and revealed that there were 405,872 cases of vehicle thefts reported in the last year.

However, this is a drop of 18% from the previous year.

Catherine Grayson, car insurance expert at A-Plan Insurance, said: “The summer months provide more opportunity for car thieves, as homeowners leave their vehicle unmonitored when heading away – particularly if they live in a multi-vehicle household. Furthermore, many thieves will see the bank holiday as their last chance to break in before families return home to prepare for the back-to-school rush.

“This is especially true in vulnerable areas like Birmingham, Leeds, and Bristol, as thieves are clearly able to take advantage of unattended vehicles more in these cities. The bank holiday weekend is also associated with many events – such as music festivals and pride events – so more people are away from home than they would normally be.

“Even if your home is situated in a safe area and you’ve never experienced anything like a car break-in before, it’s essential to prioritise vehicle security over this high-risk weekend.”