Used petrol cars top wish-list for new drivers

New research has revealed that 98% of newly qualified driver will get a used car as their first vehicle, with 84% opting for petrol and 12% selecting a diesel model.

Only four per cent say they will buy an electric car first.

This is according to data from Young Driver, which surveyed 500 customers under the age of 17 who are soon expected to pass their driving tests.

The survey found that almost two thirds (64%) said they would have their own car when they passed their test, with 29% saying they will us their parent’s car to begin with.

In terms of costs, four per cent were looking for a car above £10,000, seven per cent wanted to spend under £1,000, with the average price new drivers planned to spend on their first car at £4,124.

Sue Waterfield, head of marketing at Young Driver, said: “It’s interesting to see such a high percentage of youngsters will have access to their own car when they pass their test. Driving allows young people far more independence and opportunities when it comes to employment and education, especially in rural areas where public transport can be lacking.

“Our aim as an organisation is to make sure new drivers are as well equipped to drive on their own as they can be.”