UK drivers reject self-driving timeline

New research suggests that UK motorist are not enthusiastic about the introduction of self-driving cars.

Motoring experts at Quotezone asked 1,000 car insurance customers whether they would be keen to buy a self-driving car and 87% said they wouldn’t.

The main reason UK motorists don’t want driverless technology is because they like the feel of driving a car themselves (44%).

The other main reason cited for the rejection of hands-free technology was the fear that giving up control of their cars would make drivers feel unsafe, 40%.

Helen Rolph, car insurance comparison expert said: “Our research showed a categoric rejection of driverless cars on the basis of safety and driver enjoyment. And while Transport Minister Jesse Norman could be right that it is only a matter of time before people get used to the idea of giving up control over their own safety, drivers don’t want to give up the feeling of driving a car themselves.

“Our results are perhaps a reflection of the speed of change and people’s reticence to give up something they love doing so soon.

“Legislation to approve the technology could come as early as 2025, making driverless cars a reality in just two years’ time.

“Brits love their cars and that affection doesn’t just come from sitting back while being taken from place to place. We love the feeling of the wheel in our hands, the feedback from the road as we drive and the control of the vehicle as we accelerate, brake and change lanes.

“Safety concerns may be allayed over time as the public begin to trust the technology but the question is whether drivers will ever get over giving up something they love.”