Top tips to avoid tyre blowouts

Drivers have been urged to check their tyres to prevent blowouts this summer, as more than half of Brits risk destroyed wheels every day.

Motoring experts at Snooper are warning drivers to check the condition of their tyres, or risk serious consequences this summer. A tyre blowout occurs when the warmer temperatures cause heated air to expand inside the tyres, leading to increased pressure making the rubber swell.

As the tyres continue to expand and travel across the hot tarmac, friction and stress builds up to result in a blowout.

A tyre blowout is much more likely to occur if the tyres are in poor condition including punctures or worn out tread or the tyre pressure is set incorrectly.

Studies have shown that half of UK drivers are at risk from a tyre blowout this summer, as they’re unaware of essential tyre safety checks.

Yet there are six simple things every motorist can do this summer to prevent a blowout from happening. Monitoring the tyre pressure and tread depth are quick, inexpensive checks all drivers should carry out regularly. Also, drivers are encouraged to avoid packing heavy luggage and being mindful of potholes to help stop tyres from expanding and destroying.

Gary Digva, Snooper, said: “So many Brits are at risk from a summer blowout, yet few of us are unaware of how to carry out essential checks on our tyres to prevent any serious incidents. It’s vital for road users to be on top of checking the tyre pressure and keep an eye out for punctures and wear and tear before setting off.

“Taking short breaks on a road trip to have a quick check over your tyres can make all the difference, and being mindful that heavy luggage can put even more strain on the vehicle. The hotter temperatures put pressure on tyres, so it’s important to do as much as possible to prevent the repercussions of tyre blowouts this summer.”