Thatcham Research joins 3D printing initiative

Thatcham Research has announced that is has joined the 3D Printing Task Force for the Automotive Collision Repair Industry.

The initiative brings together top experts and leaders in both 3D printing and automotive manufacturing to enhance collaboration, idea-sharing, and the development of safe and regulated practices for 3D printing in the automotive industry.

Thatcham Research said: “As we all know, 3D printing technology has been rapidly evolving, opening up new possibilities and opportunities for innovation in the automotive sector. By pooling our collective knowledge and expertise, we aim to harness the true potential of 3D printing while ensuring safety, quality, and sustainability in our repair processes.

“In this collaborative effort, we envision identifying novel applications of 3D printing within our industry. This taskforce will pave the way for game-changing advancements in automotive collision repair, from bespoke spare parts harnessing more efficient repair solutions.

“Of course, with innovation comes challenges, and our mission is to address this head-on. By working together, we aim to establish industry standards and best practices for 3D printing, creating a well-regulated environment that ensures quality assurance and compliance in all aspects of our work while upholding the highest safety, security and sustainability standards.”