Test drives on the wane

One in three British motorists (29%) didn’t arrange a test drive with their most recent new car lease or purchase, an independent new study has revealed.

Mobility provider SOGO researched attitudes towards the popularity of the traditional test drive. The findings indicate that although 88% of motorists feel that a test drive is beneficial when leasing or buying a new car, in practice, only a third actually arrange and take a test drive.

The research found that one in four (25.2%) dislike being in the car that they are test driving with a salesperson, while one in 10 felt that the majority of vehicles drive the same, so they don’t warrant a test drive.

Meanwhile, seven per cent were fully confident with their vehicle choice and didn’t need one, and five per cent said that test drives are a further inconvenience and take up too much time.

Karl Howkins, managing director of SOGO, said: “Our research findings show that although the vast majority of drivers think that a test drive is a good idea, the picture is entirely different with a third choosing their car without the need for a trial. This reflects what we see at SOGO, where short-term leasing means that if someone is dissatisfied with their choice of vehicle, they can swap it for a completely different one with a new, short-term lease.”