SYNETIQ supports global sustainability

SYNETIQ has invested in carbon projects in the UK, India and Turkey to complement its own decarbonisation plans.

Working with Highland Carbon, specialists in carbon market solutions for climate action, SYNETIQ is financing projects around the world to support the transition to a low-carbon global economy.

Among these projects is the establishment of a diverse, native forest in Scotland, the Sah wind power project in Turkey and the Sheopur solar power project in India.

These projects complement SYNETIQ’s long-term decarbonisation plans, which include switching to renewable energy, electrifying transport and cutting energy use across its estate.

Tom Rumboll, UK managing director for IAA and CEO of SYNETIQ, said: “We’re pleased to announce the issuance of carbon credits from programmes in the UK and internationally as we explore all possible measures to reduce and avoid our emissions and impact on the planet. These projects complement our carbon reduction strategies around transitioning to low-carbon transport and estate, investing in renewable energy and improving our circularity and waste management.”

Elisa Caton, SYNETIQ’s sustainability manager, said: “SYNETIQ are committed to the meaningful decarbonisation of our business and will not be using these carbon credits to simply ‘offset’ our emissions, but rather to diversify our comprehensive decarbonisation plans.

“High-quality carbon projects like these provide the financing necessary to ensure governments and local communities keep their forests standing and develop sustainable fuel alternatives to fossil fuel use. We recognise that we have a responsibility not only to reduce our impact on the planet now but also for our historic emissions, and we hope that this investment goes someway to demonstrating our holistic commitment to our shared environment.”