Steer Group celebrates PAS 2060 accreditation

Steer Automotive Group has announced that it has achieved PAS 2060 accreditation across all 98 repair shops.

Accreditation confirms that all of Steer’s sites are now officially carbon neutral and underlines the group’s commitment to quantifying, reducing, and offsetting greenhouse gas emissions across its operations.

PAS 2060 encompasses Scope 1 and 2 emissions, as well as Scope 3 emissions contributing more than one per cent of the total footprint.

Certification, which was achieved through a combination of operational enhancements and carbon offsetting initiatives, follows Steer’s first independent ESG performance audit by Sustainable Advantage in October 2023, which provided a rating of 71%, considered to be ‘ESG Excellent’ and the appointment of Peter Randhawa as director of ESG and special projects.

Steer has now set out on a new ambitious plan to achieve net zero and carbon neutrality without relying on carbon offsetting. To achieve this it will increase the use of sustainable paint, use more green parts for repairs, and use more sustainable energy sources across the business.

It will also offer staff more sustainable company vehicles.

Richard Steer, CEO, said: “This accreditation not only strengthens Steer’s clear commitment to sustainability, but it dovetails with the group’s continued focus on new technologies and supporting the repair and maintenance of electric vehicles.

“Our journey continues and we believe we have the right processes and plans to continue making operational improvements and take on new sustainable projects, with the aim of being carbon neutral without the use of carbon offsets.”