RAC warns drivers of post-breakdown risks

Research from the RAC has found that 78% drivers would unknowingly put themselves in danger after breaking down on the motorway and stopping on the hard shoulder.

It revealed that only 22% of the 1,900 drivers surveyed would stand away from their vehicle, ideally behind a barrier, with 11% even saying they would stay in their vehicle.

Meanwhile, 65% would stand either in front of or next to their car.

This analysis corresponds with reports from nearly 200 RAC patrols, who found 78% of drivers they have attended who had broken down on motorways were still in their vehicles when they arrived.

RAC Breakdown spokesperson Alice Simpson said: “In cold wet weather, it’s very tempting for anyone who breaks down on a motorway to stay in their cars. Sadly, we know from experience this is absolutely the wrong thing to do unless for some reason you aren’t able to get out of the vehicle. This is why we are always reminding people to pack plenty of layers, good waterproof clothing and sturdy footwear so they can keep warm while they wait for help.”