Prasco completes manufacturing plant acquisition

Prasco Group is establishing itself as a manufacturer of replacement parts rather than just an importer and exporter after acquiring the manufacturing facilities adjoined to its distribution centre in Turin.

Prasco will maintain its close links with the manufacturer and continue to purchase various products produced from the company’s Taiwan-based manufacturing plants.

Meanwhile, it will now embark on a programme of accelerated investment, making it Europe’s leading manufacturer of independently certified non-OEM vehicle replacement parts.

Prasco Group president Franco D’Amato said: “Prasco has long held a close working relationship with the Taiwanese, and long may that continue but the Group has seized a unique opportunity to acquire the manufacturing facilities adjoined to our existing distribution hub.

“This is an exciting new chapter for our organisation. We will now invest heavily in the manufacturing plant, particularly in new machines and tooling that enable us to react instantly to the demands of our customers by being able to produce the latest products or items for popular European models.”

Kelvyn Waugh, managing director for Prasco UK, added: “We have always been driven to deliver the best possible service for our customers and this is a major leap forward in that quest. This effectively elevates the Group to one of being a manufacturer of replacement parts rather than an importer and exporter.”

“The Group’s aim has long been to speed up the entire manufacturing-to-warehouse process which will inevitably ensure a quicker and unrivalled service to our customers. Being able to immediately initiate production of certain in-demand parts will inevitably help to fulfil that goal.”