NFDA calls on government to support EV growth

The Franchised Dealers Association has urged the government to invest further in the future of electric vehicles after figures have revealed a cooling of recent demand.

Sue Robinson, chief executive, said: “It is positive to see both EU and UK markets experiencing consecutive months of growth. However, whilst battery electric vehicles in the UK experienced a 17.1% decrease in November, they increased by 16.3% in the EU. The EU is currently deliberating over Euro 7 emissions limits and is also set to phase out the sale of ICE vehicles in 2035. We will continue to monitor European developments and their impact on the UK market.”

New passenger car registrations grew by 6.7% in Europe in November according to the latest figures from the European Automobile Manufacturers’ Association (ACEA). This marked the 16th consecutive month of expansion.

Meanwhile, the battery-electric car market share increased to 16.3%, a rise from 15% last year. The year-to-date share now holds steady at 14.2%, consistently surpassing diesel, which remained at 13.7%. Hybrid-electric cars were ranked second with a 27.4% market share, while petrol cars maintained their lead at 32.7%.

Robinson added: “Last week, France revealed a list of electric vehicles eligible for tax incentives of up to €7,000. The UK remains the only major market in Europe without incentives for private buyers.

“In the new year, the UK government needs to do more to keep up pace with its European counterparts and introduce incentives such as subsidies to ensure that we do not fall behind in the transition to electric.”