NBRA critical of Audatex price hike

The National Body Repair Association (NBRA) and the Vehicle Builders and Repairers Association (VBRA) has expressed disappointment after hearing from members that Audatex has implemented an 8.5% price increase.

While the NBRA says it acknowledges the challenges of rising costs across various industries, it believes that the 8.5% hike is not justifiable in comparison to the current Retail Price Index (RPI) standing at 6.1%.

Martyn Rowley, executive director of NBRA & VBRA Commercial, said: “It is extremely disappointing to see this announcement, bearing in mind that last year’s increase of 9.9% was also considerably high when juxtaposed with the RPI at that time. This trend raises concerns within our industry as repairers are grappling with absorbing such significant cost increments, which, in many instances, cannot be passed on to customers.

“NBRA urges Audatex to reconsider this substantial price increase, taking into account the impact it has on repairers who are already navigating a challenging operational landscape. Your reconsideration would greatly alleviate the burden on our members and contribute to a more sustainable and collaborative industry.”