Motorists warned of online insurance scams

The Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB) and Aviva have launched a new campaign to help drivers avoid motor insurance scams online.

This comes after it has been revealed countless vulnerable people are being targeted by paid-ad spoofing scams every day.

Paid-ad spoofing involves firms paying for search engine adverts that misrepresent trusted insurers. Drivers making a claim then unwittingly contact a third-party via the ad and think they’re dealing with their insurer, only to be trapped in legal agreements with unknown firms and facing thousands of pounds in costs.

Ursula Jallow, director at IFB, said: The scale and complexity of paid-ad spoofing scams is significant. Millions use and search for insurance services each day, and it only takes a small number of people to fall for paid-ad scams for a string of dodgy firms to greatly profit from their misfortune.

“There’s a minefield of claims hi-jackers out there and consumers must be vigilant. We’re collaborating closely with Aviva and the wider industry to tackle the issue. Anyone with concerns of paid-ad spoofing claims scams must report it to our CheatLine.”

Pete Ward, head of claims counter fraud at Aviva, said: “When a customer has a car accident, they look to their insurer to assist them in their time of need. The wilful misleading of consumers at their most vulnerable point – usually searching for their insurer’s claims details at the roadside after an accident – is causing anxiety and financial stress to those involved.

“Aviva has been working with the IFB, law enforcement and the wider insurance industry, to make consumers aware of the online scammers and protect them from these unscrupulous actors. We hope this will prevent others from being targeted by paid-ad spoofing.”